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Major depressive disorder is a serious medical illness affecting an estimated 15 million American adults.  Feeling sad at times is normal, however major depressive disorder (MDD) is different.  Symptoms include the following:

    1. At least 2 weeks of low mood that is present across most life situations.
    2. Low self-esteem.
    3. Loss of interest in activities that used to be pleasurable.
    4. Low energy.
    5. Chronic pain from no known cause.
    6. Suicidal feelings or actions.

Major depression negatively affects a person’s personal life, profession/education, sleep and eating habits and overall health.  Causes range from genetics, adverse life events, major life changes, bereavement, health problems and substance abuse.  Treatment for depression can be a combination of counseling, antidepressant medication, proper diet and exercise.  Left untreated, depression can lead to not only unhappiness, feelings of worthlessness, dread about the future, but also cardiovascular disease, obesity, and in its most severe form, suicide.  With proper treatment, depression often resolve on average within 3-6 months.   


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